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World’s Air Conditioning Leader Daikin Comes to Change the Air of Turkey
World’s Air Conditioning Leader Daikin Comes to Change the Air of Turkey
On 8 July 2011,  Japanese air conditioning giant Daikin, having bought 100% shares of Airfel Inc., which is a leading company of Turkey’s heating, cooling and air conditioning industry; announced at the press conference at Kuruçeşme Divan on 13rd October that Turkey will be positioned as the R&D, production and logistics  base.
Daikin Europe N.V. President Masatsugu Minaka stated that as Daikin, while global crisis possibilities were being discussed, they depended on Turkey’s future and said, “Turkey’s air conditioning market will swiftly become the most important market of EMEA region, which includes Europe, Middle East and Africa.”
Daikin Turkey’s CEO Hasan Önder said, “Daikin made an effective entrance to Turkey market. With this agreement, the structure Turkish air conditioning industry will significantly change.” and he stated 2011 turnover expectations and 2015 goals: “We will close 2011 with 140 million Euro turnover. We now have 12% of Turkey’s market share. We anticipate that in the year 2015, we will have 500 million Euro turnovers and 20% of market share, and we will be the leader in the industry.”
With the acquisition of Airfel a couple of months ago, Daikin, global leader of air conditioning industry, expressed their practices, goals and plans in a press conference they held. At the conference, on 13rd October Thursday at Kuruçeşme Divan, Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder and Daikin Europe N.V. president Masatsugu Minaka met press members.
Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder expressed at the conference that Airfel’s acquisition was the biggest one Daikin Europe had done and the second Daikin had done worldwide and said, “Daikin acquired Airfel with all the facilities; 90 thousand m² land, 45 thousand m² covered area and all the sales network, vendors, trademarks for 260 million dollars. After the acquisition our company will proceed the business under the name of Daikin Turkey.”

Factory Investments are Planned
Önder said that as a result of acquisition, Daikin Turkey became a company that had the widest product range in heating-cooling and air conditioning field in Turkey, “With the acquisition, Daikin not only aims for Turkey market, but also other markets. In this direction, by 2015 inverter split air conditioner, fan coil and air handling units factories will have been developed with new investments.”
Daikin gives Airfel the Leading Role in Heating 
Emphasizing that Daikin will get strength in heating industry with Airfel’s experiences and will expand globally in heating field, Önder informed, “Daikin’s heating strategy will be developed with Airfel’s experience. Making Turkey a production and R&D base, Daikin will heat the world over Turkey.”

Daikin Turkey’s Turnover Goal is 500 Million Euro
Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder, stating that the acquisition in July 2011 accelerated their success, said that they went beyond their aims in 2011 turnover growth. “While our industry grows 10%, we exceeded our aim of 50% growth by the end of 2011 in September 2011. In this respect, we will close 2011 with 140 million Euro turnovers. The 120-million Euro part of this turnover comes from Turkey market, 20 million Euros is from export. Now the extent of Turkish air conditioning market is 1 billion Euro and we have %12 share. We predict that by 2015, the market will have reached 1,850 billion Euro. In this process, we anticipate Daikin Turkey’s turnover will reach 500 million Euro with 375 million Euro domestic market and 125 million Euro export. We will be the leader in Turkey market with 20% share. Meanwhile, we aim to raise our export 6 times in 4 years.” 

We target export to 162 Countries
In 2014, when possible global economic crisis effects that came up nowadays are expected to minimize, Hasan Önder said that the request in global air conditioning system would reach 88 million dollars, and informed about the export potential, “Thanks to Turkey’s geographical opportunities, Daikin positioned our country as logistics base. This investment they make considering Turkey’s potential will provide our country’s economy with added-value on export. Before the acquisition our export was 44 countries whereas with Daikin we will have the opportunity to enter new markets. Daikin group companies practice in 162 countries and this will give us new export opportunities.” 
Expressing that Daikin Turkey has a domestic goal of consistent growth, “We work to ensure consumers to reach Daikin everywhere they are in. We open specific Daikin Showrooms; we serve with 64 Daikin Showrooms now. We intend to raise this number to 100. Meanwhile we provide employment in the areas where we make investments. Our aim is to raise the number of our employees from 480 to 1000.”

Turkey will be the Star of its Region in Air Conditioning Industry
Daikin Europe President Masatsugu Minaka summarized the reasons why they chose Turkey, ”Turkey’s air conditioning market will be the most important one in its region. Turkey will be one of the most important players in the region with its unique geographical position and economical performance. For this reason, in the days global economic crisis possibilities are discussed, as the leader of world’s air conditioning industry, we depended on Turkey’s future and made a significant investment on Turkey. We combined Daikin and Airfel’s complementary powers and skills in heating, cooling and air conditioning market.” 
Minaka informed, “Daikin will expand with Airfel’s Turkey experience, production facilities, sales offices, wide vendor and service network; and it will focus on export as well as domestic market. Daikin’s aims in export routes are Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this parallel, we will make Turkey Daikin’s most important R&D centre. We work to make Turkey main logistics base and we shape our investments according to this aim. We will develop products suitable for Europe, Africa and Middle East region in Turkey. Quality and innovation are key Stones of Daikin’s philosophy. As the pioneer and leader of innovation in global air conditioning industry, we will start to produce our products which create difference with their advanced technology, quality and design.” 
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